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Solar Panel Installation in Elk Grove, CA

Reduce Your Electricity Cost With Photovoltaic Systems in Elk Grove, CA

Whether you're cost conscious or an environmentalist, put your trust in solar technology in Elk Grove installed by J & J Heating & Air. Whether it's a complete package or a tailor-made photovoltaic solution, you can make long term savings on electricity costs in your home. J & J Heating & Air installs quality photovoltaic systems that matches your needs.

Photovoltaics make it all possible

  • Make sustainable reductions to your electricity costs
  • Become independent from rising electricity prices
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Help protecting the environment and your community
  • Make an active contribution to energy transition

Types of solar systems for your Elk Grove home

All home solar systems are custom-designed to meet your family's energy usage and professionally installed by J & J Heating & Air.

Rooftop solar systems

Rooftop solar systems are the most popular option for homeowners in Elk Grove because residential roofs usually have enough space and are well-suited for maximum energy production. Your roof should be unshade and ideally facing toward SSE and SSW for best results. Our installer can access your home's suitability for solar and provide you with a report detailing your projected savings with solar.

Ground solar systems

A ground mount solar system is ideal if you need a larger system than your roof will accomodate and have the available space on your property.

How does it work?

In order to convert sunlight into electricity, you need a photovoltaic installation on your roof. A photovoltaic installation consists of panels and inverters:

The panels consist of several solar cells made of silicon semiconductors connected in series. The silicon in a solar cell is doped differently on its top and bottom sides, so that a positive and a negative surplus of charge carriers is present. At the transition of the two differently doped layers, an electrical field is produced.

As soon as sunshine falls on the solar cells, the silicon conducts and the voltage is drawn out of the cells through metallic contacts. That is how direct current (DC) is generated.

The inverters are necessary in order to convert the DC into 230 volt alternating current because only then can the electricity be fed into the public electricity network.

An electrical meter measures the energy fed into the public network in kilowatt-hours and the network operator reimburses this. If the solar electricity is to be used by oneself, three electrical meters have to be installed to measure energy consumption: a PV meter for the solar energy that has been produced along with a feed counter and a draw counter or a two-way meter. That is how the network operator will know how much electricity has been fed into the network and how much has been used by oneself, making it possible to calculate the corresponding remuneration.

Solar Panel Installation Elk Gove, CA
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