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QuietCool Fan Solutions in Sacramento

Even the best air conditioning system on the market will start to drain your finances if you run it around-the-clock. What are you supposed to do to keep your family comfortable on warm summer days in Sacramento while also saving as much money as possible? Get a QuietCool whole house fan!

J & J Heating & Air in Sacramento is an official QuietCool Fan dealer. Our technicians can install and maintain your QuietCool Fan, keeping you and your family feeling cool in your own home all year round.

To learn more about our expert installation services, call us today at (209) 260-8010.

How Do QuietCool Whole House Fans Work?

A QuietCool Fan is meant to give you a highly-cost effective alternative to running your air conditioning unit as the day starts to cool. It is installed in your attic, where it can displace the greatest amount of hot air, which rises above cool air. As long as the temperature outside your home is cooler than the air inside, you should run your QuietCool Fan, instead of your AC system.

4 steps to a cooler home:

  1. When it's cooler outside, like during the early morning or evening, open your window.
  2. Turn on your QuietCool fan and set a speed and timer
  3. Your fan will pull in cool air and expel hot, static air through your vents
  4. Enjoy cooler, cleaner, and more comfortable air

The QuietCool Fan will start to pull cooler air from outside into your home. With a window open on the opposite side of your home, you will create an air tunnel, which produces a pleasant, cool breeze throughout your home. The cool air will move through attic vents and down hallways, often dropping the perceived temperature by 10 degrees immediately. If it is much cooler outside, you might even notice a temperature drop of 20 or 30 degrees after running the QuietCool Fan for an hour or so.

How Would a QuietCool Fan Benefit You?

Don't let your comfort or indoor air quality suffer for a moment longer. When you hire our experienced team to install a QuietCool Fan you can be sure you will receive exceptional cooling and ventilating benefits, while reaping some energy- and cost-efficient perks.

When you turn on your fan, your home will feel instantly cooler, often bringing temperatures down 5-10 degrees. By utilizing the fresh air outside, you and your family will experience refreshing, cool, clean, and comfortable outdoor air without the high bills of an AC unit, and keep that air cool through thermal mass cooling technology. In fact, because your AC is one of the most expensive appliances in your home, you could potentially save up to 50-90% on cooling costs and stop this important system from overworking. Save your AC by running QuietCool's eco-friendly, powerful, and cost-effective motor and no longer deal with stale, recycled air.

Proper ventilation can lead to some drastic benefits to you and your home. With a properly installed QuietCool Whole Home Fan you are giving your space a breath of fresh air, dispelling bad odors, pet dander, harmful pathogens, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and more in as little as 3-4 minutes. So, if you or a family member suffers from allergies, asthma, or frequent respiratory illnesses, proper ventilation can lessen the severity and frequency of symptoms. To learn more about how indoor air quality can affect your health and the comfort and safety of your home, check out our indoor air quality page.

QuietCool Products That Help Your Home

At J & J Heating & Air, we understand that there is no one size fits all solution to home comfort, which is why we proudly install and service a variety of whole home fans, to ensure you get the perfect system for your needs.

Trident Pro X is QuietCool's most powerful fan available. This whole home fan allows homeowners to quickly and effectively pull clean and cool air in and dispel stale air out through attic vents, with a complete air exchange resulting in as little as 1-3 minutes. Despite the power of this unit, it is also incredibly quiet, allowing you for maximum comfort and quiet.

  • A powerful and energy-efficient PSC motor
  • Airtight damper box and R5 damper doors
  • Acoustical Ducting

Stealth Pro X is an incredibly energy-efficient option for homeowners interested in saving money on cooling while staying comfortable at home.

  • An ultra energy-efficient ECM Motor
  • R5 damper doors and an airtight damper box
  • Acoustical ducting for quiet comfort

RF Control offers the ultimate solution for comfort control at home. You can easily adjust your whole house fan from up to 100 feet away, making it easy and convenient to use.

  • Up to 20 switches per fan
  • Wireless
  • Can use from up to 100 feet away
  • Provides ease of use, while also being able to keep it out of reach of curious kiddos

Pro Attic Fan (AFG Pro-3.0) provides all the cooling and ventilation benefits you need without a large price tag.

  • Energy-efficient permanent split capacitor motor
  • Moves up to 2,860 CFM while using just 205 watts
  • Beautifully designed

Smart Attic Fan (AFG SMT-3.0) is the ultimate set it and forget it cooling system. This intelligent attic fan lets you set presets, check the temperature and humidity of you attic, and avoid water damage in your attic space.

  • Smart control app
  • Energy-efficient ECM
  • Computer balanced fan blades
  • Powder-coated steal housing

Solar Attic Fan harness the power of the sun to cool your home and control your humidity. Prolong the life of your roof and AC, while enjoying cooler temperatures without the large monthly energy bills.

  • 30-40 watt solar panel
  • AC/DC inverter
  • Powder-coated steel housing
  • Preset thermostats
  • Energy-efficient DC motor

Keep your home comfortable all year long by having our knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled team install a QuietCool Fan today! Call us at (209) 260-8010 or contact us online.

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